Pneumatics section

Diaphragm valves are bi-directional, on-off throttle valves. They are used to control fluid flow by regulating the area with which media can enter and exit the valve, effectively changing its speed and velocity.The most common diaphragm valves use pneumatic actuators; in this type of valve, air pressure is applied through a pilot valve into the actuator which in turn raises the diaphragm and opens the valve. This type of valve is one of the more common valves used in operations where valve speed is a necessity.AVAILABLE IN BRASS, STAINLESS STEEL, HIGH PRESURE APPLICATION
Solenoid Valve Coils
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In the absence of electrical supply, manually operated valves such as Hand Lever Valves are used. The functioning is the same; however, the solenoid coil is replaced by a hand lever, which controls the movement of the spool inside the valve, thereby allowing the air to pass.