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Quick Exhaust Valve
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Quick Exhaust Valves facilitate accelerated movement of the cylinder rod or valve actuator. A Quick Exhaust Valve is a 3/2 valve with an extra large exhaust orifice designed to fit directly onto the cylinder port connection.The function of a quick-release valve is to rapidly exhaust air from the controlled device. It is normally located adjacent to the controlled device, rather than requiring exhaust air to return and exhaust through the control valve. This decreases release time.
Pneumatic cylinder (sometimes known as air cylinders) is switch use the power of compressed gas to produce a force in a reciprocating linear motion.Like hydraulic cylinders, something forces a piston to move in the desired direction. The piston is a disc or cylinder, and the piston rod transfers the force it develops to the object to be moved. Engineers sometimes prefer to use pneumatics because they are quieter, cleaner, and do not require large amounts of space for fluid storage.Very compact design easy to use large companying force, easy in maintainedConforms to ISO 6432 standard and also available with our own standard.
Solenoid Valve Coils
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