Pneumatics section

Alluminium Oil Window
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Aluminium bodied sight level oil level indicators, also known as oil windows.  Highly durable and corrosion resistant aluminium oil glass windows are often used in application where regular and accurate indication of the oil level is required.
Anti Spark PU Tube
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Combining outstanding spark resistance with superb flexibility, this range is perfectly suited for welding applications. Two types of PU - ether with PVC sheath or single layer ether. Is available and rapid installation with any type of Pneumatic Fitting.
Pneumatic Air Gun
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Air blow guns are a staple of many workplaces, including mechanic shops, assembly lines, and even construction sites. Because they perform essential tasks, ranging from inflating tires to cleaning surfaces, it’s important to choose a high-quality, durable air blow gun that you can rely on every day.
Pneumatic Quick Coupler
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Quick disconnect fittings (abbreviated as “QDCs” or “QDs”) are used to provide fast and easy connection and disconnection of fluid lines. These fittings are also known as quick connects or quick release couplings. They often are used to replace fitting connections which require tools to assemble and disassemble.
Pneumatic cylinder accessories are used for mounting or for coupling it to a load. Some accessories are included in ISO 6432 and ISO 15552, so they can be interchanged with any brand. However, they can be used with non-ISO cylinders if the mounting specifications match. Mounting accessories will affect system performance, reliability, and overall design. Based on the intended function and system requirements, the correct mounting accessories can be selected.
Solenoid Valve Coils
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FRL Unit
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FRL UNIT is basically combination of Air filter, Air regulator an Air lubricator.
Pneumatic Air Regulators
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Each pneumatic system has an optimal operating pressure and exceeding this pressure results in excessive wear and wastes compressed air. Regulators are designed to maintain a consistent prescribed outlet pressure regardless of the inlet pressure and also maintain a consistent pressure regardless of flow rate requirements. The precision needed to maintain the regulation and flow requirements determines the type and cost of regulators needed.
Pneumatic Air Filter
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Compressed air is hot, wet, and dirty. Air filters clean contaminants from compressed air to insure proper, consistent operation and to reduce wear on mechanical parts.
Air filter regulator is basically combination of air filter and air regulator. It filters the air and regulate.
Pneumatic Auto Drain Valve
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A drain valve performs the critical function of allowing excess water vapour to escape into the atmosphere. The removal of condensation helps prevent the formation of corrosion that will eventually damage the compressor and shorten its lifespan.Some compressed air auto drains work on the float principal. As water and contamination accumulates in the bottom of the bowl, it will ultimately lift a float. The compressed air, under pressure in the bowl, will then vent to atmosphere through the drain opening, blowing the water and debris from the bowl as it does.