Brass fittings

Brass fittings

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Aadarsh Hydropneumatics is a notable exporter and supplier of engineering products. Authorized and Specialist in Brass fittings.


Brass pipe fittings are basically used for dispatching flammable gases, water, chemicals and other plumbing material. Brass made Pipe fittings are available in ample range of shapes and thread sizes for connecting, or controlling any liquid or gas in pipes.


The advantage of Brass Fittings in plumbing provides shielded, sturdy elements to your plumbing system. Five benefits can be considered for project planning or expansion.
  • Wide versatility :
    Brass Fittings of different sizes, shapes and widths and sizes are used for various purposes to alter pipe size. Brass increases the capability of the water lines in the homes. Finishing of Brass is done in different ways, whether polished, lacquered, plated in chrome or given an antique finish of nickel.
  • Durability :
    Brass is a sturdy metal having many working properties. Brass fitting is a supreme solution in a plumbing system which needs a long service life, as they remain in excellent condition for years without cracking or disintegrating. It also provides the best possible performance in hot water supply lines.
  • Tolerance of High Temperatures:
    Brass fitting provides phenomenal conductivity of temperature and improves the efficiency of the hot water distribution system. Brass is very ductile in high temperatures, and can withstand much higher temperatures than other options, to the point of being among the only surviving items in a serious house fire.
  • Resistance to Corrosion :
    Corrosion and rust can deteriorate the metal fittings, Brass Fittings is known as the best corrosion resistant. In the areas facing corrosive water properties, brass fittings are the most beneficial as they do not rust or corrode in poor water pH conditions. Even the most adverse corrosive water won’t be able to create corrosion in brass.
  • Very Malleable :
    Brass provides greater malleability than steel or iron pipe for the fittings that will require bending or shaping, making it easier to alter. Brass Fittings moulds finer than other materials and due to the easy working minimize the labour cost in the plumbing job. Brass, though malleable, has the capacity to retain the robustness and reliability.