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Aadarsh Hydropneumatics is a notable exporter and supplier of Hydraulic hoses, S.S Flexible bellow hose, M.S hydraulic fittings, Stainless steel Sweglock Hydraulic Fittings, Hose Clamp Jubilee Clip, Hose System Accessories, , Pipe Clamp, Polyurethane Products, Industrial Valves, All type of pneumatic etc. We are an established venture in India as a notable merchant trader and exporter of engineering products. We source high-quality products from renowned manufacturers in India. Our vendors have more than 20 years of expertise in the domain of hydraulics. We are now planning to expand the business into the overseas markets with vast expertise and skills of the team, the best resources and ethical business policies.

Aadarsh Hydropneumatics is located at Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India). The company was intercepted by Mr. Darshan Shah, the owner. He has more than 7 years of experience in the respective domain. He has done B. Tech Mechanical. We have been catering to the markets of African, Gulf, U.K, U.S.A, etc.

Our Team
We are supported by a skillful team of highly competent professionals. They conduct the assigned work with excellence and perfection. All team members are recruited after rigorous selection process on the basis of expertise and skills. They meet the specific demands of the clients by offering the best products at affordable prices.

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Some of the salient features that have been keeping us ahead in the industry are:

  • Vast range of quality- assured products
  • Timely deliveries of consignments
  • Industry leading prices
  • Ethical business practices
  • Transparent business dealings
  • Reliable vendor base with more than 20 years of expertise
  • Huge distribution system

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Our Featured Products

A cam and groove coupling, also called a cam lock fitting, is a form of hose coupling. This kind of coupling is popular because it is a simple and reliable means of connecting and disconnecting. Quickly and without tools.Cam lock Couplings Are Manufactured in Compliance With Mil-c-27487 (a-a-59326) Specification. Their Construction, as Well as Operation, Is Very Simple. The Coupling Is Connected Just by Opening the Coupler Arms and Inserting the Adapter Into the Coupler. The Cam Arms Are Then Closed Under Normal Hand Pressure to Complete Joint. The Standard Coupling Is Supplied With a Nitrite / Silicon Rubber Seal That Is Placed in the Groove of a Coupler. The Couplings Are Made of: Aluminum, Brass (Bronze), Aisi 316 Stainless Steel, Polypropylene Reinforced With Bre Glass. Handles Are Made of Aisi 304 Stainless Steel as a Standard for All Couplings Made of Brass, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene and for Aluminum Couplings in Sizes 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 5” and 6”. The Couplings Made of Aluminum in Sizes Ranging From 1.1/4” to 4” Have Brass Handles as a Standard.
Brass fittings
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Aadarsh Hydropneumatics is a notable exporter and supplier of engineering products. Authorized and Specialist in Brass fittings.
 Brass pipe fittings are basically used for dispatching flammable gases, water, chemicals and other plumbing material. Brass made Pipe fittings are available in ample range of shapes and thread sizes for connecting, or controlling any liquid or gas in pipes.
High pressure hoses are design for hydrostatic transmission and impulse applications. Each hose is designed to meet or excess SAE specification and performance requirement. These hydraulic hoses are compatible with Hydraulic fluid, Vegetables, Oil, Gases, Mining and Manufacturing. Also used in transferring high temp fluids.These are providing optimum performance and flexibility for easier routing and plumbing.
Aadarsh Hydropneumatics is a notable exporter and supplier of engineering products. Authorized and Specialist in M.S / S.S Hydraulic fitting and M.S Hydraulic ferrule fittings
P.P clamp / PVC clamp
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Stauff pipe clamps are made accordance with DIN 3015 standards. Stauff pipe clamps are used for quick and easy pipes and hoses installations. They are used to reduce the impact and vibration of fluid flow and provide strength in the direction of the tube axis.
Polyurethane tube
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Pneumatic P.U Pipes are mandatory in all Pneumatic applications and we keep a vast range from 4 mm up to 16 mm. There are also several variations of Pipes such as Coiled Hose, Hose Reels which is all available under our roof.SALIENT FEATURES:
  • Five times lighter than rubber
  • Rubber likes flexibility over a wide range of temperature and hence radii of curvature can be very small without flattening and loss of pressure
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and low temperature, Resistance to all types of weathering
  • Excellent resistance to oils, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oxygen and ozone
  • High cutting strength, Folding stability, Resistance to flex cracking
  • Multi colors for easy identification
  • In-built meter marking on the tube for ready measure
  • Non toxic, No smell
  • Working Pressure - up to 10Kg/Cm2 (Subjected to standard wall thickness)
Quick releasing coupling
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High-quality quick-action coupling made of Mild steel, stainless steel, brass or plastic for practically every application contingency. Very robust, rapid and secure coupling of practically all fluid media. Special solutions for your application needs can also be implemented upon request.
S.S. Flexible bellow hoses
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Metal hose is a flexible metal line element. There are two basic types of metal hose that differ in their design and application: strip wound hoses and corrugated hoses. Strip wound hoses have a high mechanical strength (e.g. tensile strength and tear strength). Corrugated hoses can withstand high pressure and provide maximum leak tightness on account of their material. Corrugated hoses also exhibit corrosion resistance and pressure tightness under the most extreme conditions, such as in aggressive sea water or at extreme temperatures such as found in space or when transporting cooled liquid gas. They are particularly well suited for conveying hot and cold substances.In addition, our clients can avail these hoses from us in different grades and designs as per their requirement.
Teflon corrugated hose
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P.T.F.E hose has excellent temperature characteristics both in high and low temperature. Excellent chemical resistance, non contamination properties, low coefficient of friction and resists deterioration. Therefore the hose is used generally in applications where all or one of the above properties is the main criteria in automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical & food processing, plastic & rubber molding machines. Also for some applications the tube can also be made conductive to dissipate electro-static charges Braided Teflon (PTFE) hose is an extruded Teflon core with an outer stainless steel braid for strength. Teflon (PTFE) hose is flexible and strong, when combined with stainless steel, can perform under high pressure and continuous flexing and vibration conditions. With a wide range of chemicals compatibility Teflon hose can handle an almost endless variety of fluids at extremes of pressure and temperature. Almost no substance can stick to Teflon. This property ensures the purity of any product transferred via a Teflon hose. It also allows for alternate use with different products. Typical applications include high pressure &high temperature for brake, clutch and power steering lines off-road brake, transmission, clutch, gauge, nitrous oxide, hydraulic and air conditioning.Features
  • High temperature resistant, operating temperature: -50℃~210℃
  • Corrosion resistant to strong acid, strong base, chemical reagent, oil etc
  • Transient temperature resistant range: -70℃ +260℃